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what i do

Digital Communication Strategy

I create digital communication strategies that connect with a target audience, synchronize your marketing content and sales operations, and achieve business goals while promoting and protecting your reputation.

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How I do it

Communication Strategy Development Process

An iterative planning process that helps you better understand your organization, the information environment, the problem you’re solving, and the target audience you intend to reach. It is planned using a project management system, visually depicted on a roadmap, and implemented using:

  • Inbound Website
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Advertisements
  • SEO
  • Digital PR

Digital Communication Operations

Inbound Website

An inbound website is one that is designed using the Inbound marketing methodology. Its writing and content use Search Engine Optimization (SEO), personalized content, and Calls-to-Action (CTAs) to provide value to viewers and help them along the buyer’s journey.

Email Marketing

Still ranked as the most effective marketing channel, Email Marketing allows you to go direct to the inbox when given permission. Building lists, following SPAM laws and regulations, utilizing automation, delivering great content, and understanding the analytics.


Search Engine Optimization improves your website’s visibility to the relevant searches of your target audience, optimizing site pages, content, and social metrics to increase the quantity, quality, and organic results.

Paid Ads | PPC

Pay-per-click is the process of paying every time a person clicks on your advertisement and should be a part of your holistic marketing strategy. It allows you to buy your way to the top of a page to target a specific customer with your ads, and is good for lead generation, a product launch, and increasing brand awareness.

Social Media

Using social media platforms to connect with a target audience, increase visits to your website and enable the sales process. It involves identifying the correct platform, creating customized content, determining the frequency of posts, and continuing to engage.

Digital PR

Digital PR involves targeting online publications to increase brand awareness and maintain the reputation of your company. It includes publishing press releases, working with influencers, and nurturing journalist relationships to help gain third-party validation which can then be amplified on your own platforms.

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