Understand the Environment

The information environment is constantly changing and there is a need to continuously assess the environment to ensure the organization’s plans are relevant and effective. To do this, conduct a formal environmental scan which includes identifying known dates and events of significance that could impact what your organization is planning to do. These key events will be visualized on the strategy roadmap to help synchronize all activities for maximum effect.

Determine Categories

Identify Key Events

Understand and Visualize

Frame the Problem

Organizations exist to solve problems. There are lots of problems that an organization solves, but problem framing using Design Thinking methodologies attempts to determine the problem. Understanding the core organizational problem is essential before addressing the solution to ensure the product or service you identify in the solution frame is the correct one.

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Identify the Solution

The product, service or issue that the organization addresses solves the core problem. This is the purpose for the organization. Understanding the purpose of the organization, and the solution that solves the core problem, helps set the foundation to begin work on the communication strategy.

Describe the desired end state

Conceptualize the approach

Identify available resources

Develop the Narrative

The Organizational Narrative is a written and visual product that serves as the executive summary of a fictional book that tells the story of your organization. It identifies the key components of a communication strategy that link the purpose of the organization with the audiences, themes, goals, methods and available resources.

Target Audience Analysis

Communication Themes

Communication Goals

Create the Roadmap

A strategy is useless if it is not executed. The roadmap is the method to bring the components of the organizations overall strategy and the communication strategy, and begin the process of moving from conceptual to detailed planning. It contains key dates identified from the environmental scan, it’s organized according to the enduring themes, contains the measurable goals, and is structured to support the development of individual campaigns.

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