Episode #002: Putting Your Money into PR or Marketing, Getting Started with PPC, and MS Digital Marketing Center

Duration: 6 min, 1 sec.


 • Should you put your money into PR or Marketing? by Zack Teperman

 • Getting Started in PPC

 • Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center


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Links from this episode:

 • Should you put your money into PR or Marketing?

 • How to get started in PPC

 • GoArmy.com

 • Microsoft Digital Marketing Center

 • CoSchedule

Rough Transcript:

Thanks for hitting ‘listen’ on your phone or computer.

This is what I’ve got lined up for today:

 • Should you put your money into PR or Marketing, by Zack Teperman

 • How to get started in Pay Per Click Advertising

and Microsoft has introduced a Digital Marketing Center for the management of your social media and PPC accounts.

All this and a little more. The date is May 27, 2021. The time is 1600 hrs, and you’re listening to Episode #2 of Communicate For Effect.

Segment 1

The first topic of the day.

Yesterday I spotted an article by Zack Teperman on Entrepreneur’s site called, “Should you put your money into PR or Marketing?”

It’s a quick read, I’ll put a link in the show notes. Basically, he says marketing is something that has a limited time frame on it. PR is more long-term and is about brand awareness, building the brand, and positioning the individual or organization as an expert, leader, influencer for the category it’s in.

Having worked a little in both, it’s much easier to quantify the ROI in Marketing than it is in PR, especially digital marketing, so that’s why I think a lot of companies are attracted to marketing first.

I think it also depends upon the size of the company and the goal. Are you a new startup, trying to get initial exposure, or are you an established organization looking for a more long-term, strategic approach to the brand?

Either way, you can of course do both, and he mentions this. It’s not an either/or kind of thing – it will just boil down to the type of organization, the phase you are at, and of course your budget.

Segment 2

The second topic: “How to get started in PPC” was the title of a post I did on May 5th.

PPC is not something I was able to do working in Army Public Affairs for the majority of my military career. The advertising and marketing aspect, or paid media, of the Army, falls within the recruiting lane which you can see on GoArmy.com, while the typical Public Affairs function of keeping the American people informed relies on earned, shared, and owned media.

That said, I did want to jump into PPC so have been setting up my own sites so that I can start playing a bit in this area.

So in the post, I highlight the categories of PPC which are search ads, local search ads, display ads, and remarketing, and the top advertising platforms being Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

The basic steps I found for a PPC campaign:

 • Researching your competitors to understand what they are paying for and, and why they are being successful
 • Know your budget
 • Conduct your PPC keyword research
 • Create quality content to achieve a high click-through rate (CTR)
 • Create and link your landing page

I’m sure there is a variety of people that have their own PPC campaign steps, but this is what I’m starting with and I’ll modify along the way.

And finally, some tools and resources for getting started in PPC like SpyFu, SEMRush, WordStream, Ahrefs, and a few others.

Let me know if you have any additional tips as I jump into the world of PPC.

Segment 3

The other day I saw a tweet, can’t remember from who, that talked about Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center.

Microsoft is hosting its Microsoft Build 2021 event this week which is for its developers, and I don’t know if this was something that was just introduced or just mentioned during the conference, but it received some Twitter traction the other day.

The Digital Marketing Center is a Microsoft Garage project, so it’s experimental in nature.

It allows you to schedule your social media posts like you would in CoSchedule, Hootsuite, or any other of the popular social media planners but the big difference is…it’s free! And on the same topic as the last segment, it also allows you to manage your PPC accounts in Microsoft, Google, and Facebook.

After signing up and playing with it a bit, there are only two things I wish it had.

First, is I wish it had the ability to add non-post calendar events as CoSchedule does. I like to put regular events, holidays, the-day-of, the-month-of, and so on. I can look forward in time on the calendar and it helps in the planning of what you’re going to do several weeks down the road.

The second item I wish it had was an app for use in Microsoft Teams.

I’ve been building a PR/marketing/communication hub on Teams, and an app would be extremely useful.

You can pull it into Teams via the URL function, but an actual app would be great.

So if anyone from Microsoft is listening, I think those would be a great addition to the platform.

Wrap Up

And that’s it for number two. Thanks for listening. I’m going to continue to play with the format, audio, and content, as I do these first few episodes. I really just want to get a few reps complete, play around a bit, and then will likely make some adjustments down the road.

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