EXSUM: All about Twitter Ads

Are you looking for a quick introduction to advertising on Twitter?

Here’s your Executive Summary (EXSUM) in just under 500 words/2 minutes.

Why should I advertise on Twitter?

Twitter has over 335 million monthly active users.

According to an OMG + Twitter report, people spend 26% more time viewing ads on Twitter than any other leading platform, and with almost 70 million users in the U.S., it is a good platform to push your message.

And the platform appears to keep improving. In 2020, there was a 35% increase in total ad engagement on the platform.

What do I need to know to get started?

Twitter gives you the option of:

Promoting your tweets

Promoting your video

Promoting your account

When you sign up for Twitter Ads, you first enter your country and time zone:

Next, you begin by starting a campaign. A campaign can have one of several objectives: Reach, Video views, Pre-roll views, App installs, Website clicks, Engagements, Followers, and App re-engagements.

You then enter the details of your campaign, like the name, funding source, and timeframe.

Then you provide the specifics for a particular ad group. There are seven sections to fill out. The first is the Ad Group Details:

The second section is the Demographics:

The third section is the Devices:

The fourth section is the Custom Audiences:

The fifth section is the Targeting Features:

The sixth section is the Placements:

And finally, the seventh section is the Creatives:

After that, you review the entire campaign and then launch.

Where can I get more information?

Start by going to Twitter’s Business and Advertising page.

You can also try this article on HubSpot or this one on Hootsuite.

Either of these three sites should help you to get started.

Mike Nicholson

I've spent my career working in a variety of Strategic Communications, Public Relations, Public Affairs, Information Operations, and Executive Outreach positions. With a history of planning, preparing, executing, and assessing communication strategies in the U.S. and abroad, I use this site to write, think and share lessons learned on organizational communications.

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