Flywheel’s New Growth Suite: The Full Package for Growing Your Inbound Agency

When I re-published my site last year after several years of it being dormant, I went right back to GoDaddy.

I used GoDaddy when I first started blogging in 2009 but found that my new site was getting hit by tons of hackers.

After taking all the necessary security steps and still not seeing an improvement, I decided to make a switch.

I did some research and migrated to FlyWheel, a great managed WordPress hosting solution.

Flywheel has always been a platform for digital agencies to get started, grow, and thrive.

Not only do they give me free migration, SSL, and a staging site, but they also clean up any malware on your site and they offer suggestions on how to improve.

This malware feature alone was a “sitesaver” for me.

It also gave me the options to scale as my consulting company begins to grow.

They have helped thousands of companies around the world with their websites, and now they have a new feature called Growth Suite.

For the sake of transparency, this post has affiliate links but if you’ve read any of my previous posts or my Affiliate Disclaimer, you will know that I do not recommend any product that I do not use myself.

What is Growth Suite?

Growth Suite is an all-in-one suite for a growing agency.

If you are managing client websites, it can give you a single place to manage all those sites, help build consistency which in turn builds trust, and helps you grow recurring revenue.

And the best part?

It can all be delivered under your own brand.

It has features like automatic billing of clients on a reoccurring or a one-time basis, it offers different currencies, your own agency-branded reports, a customized library unique services for reuse, and much more.

As someone who migrated to FlyWheel for my own site, this will allow me/you to provide that same experience to all your clients.

What Are The Benefits of Growth Suite?

You can go to their website and read about all of the benefits, but here are some of the ones that caught my eye:


Dashboards are essential for staying organized.

The Growth Suite Dashboard has all the necessary information for you, as the manager of multiple sites, to keep tabs on all the essentials of running your business.

It has the number of total sites you maintain, average revenue per month, reoccurring revenue, payments, and invoice creation.

Resell Managed WordPress Hosting

You can earn recurring revenue by including Flywheel’s services in your monthly maintenance packages.

This is not only good for you, but it’s good for the client.

An entrepreneur client typically has a wide range of responsibilities, so this is something that your business can do to streamline and simplify the digital communication side of their business.

Bulk Site Management

Your ability to rapidly manage multiple clients helps your own bottom line.

Growth Suite has a single place to sort and filter all of your sites.

You can have sites in developer mode, staging mode, update plugins, and look at your stats from one page.

Client Reports

Flywheel is a great partner, but you may also want to brand your own company to your client.

Growth Suite lets you provide your own agency-branded reports that you can then send to your own clients to provide them additional value.

What Does the SetUp Look Like?

After you sign up for the service, here are the basic pages that will be available to you.


Your dashboard is your “home base” and where you start.

Client Set-Up

This is where you initiate a client account.

All Clients

This page lists all the clients you have and gives you access to each of them.


Because you may have multiple websites for one client, this page gives you access to all the sites you are managing.


Beyond hosting, if you are providing Content Management or SEO services, you can also do those here.

How Can I Learn More?

You can start by going to the Flywheel.

It’s easy to get started and I know they have helpful people ready to assist.

There is a blog post that focuses on five areas to help grow your agency using Growth Suite.

They also have an Agency Partner program if you need some additional assistance in getting started or would like to even become a partner yourself.

Best of luck!


This post may contain affiliate links. Click here for my disclaimer.

Mike Nicholson

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