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How To Grow Your Email Marketing List

Do you want to grow your email marketing list?

Are you looking for a way that will help generate leads and increase revenue?

If so, then this article is for you.

I will go over the different strategies that business owners can use in order to grow their email marketing lists.

You’ll learn how to generate more leads through an effective newsletter campaign, as well as other methods such as social media and advertising campaigns.

Starting Your Email Marketing List

If you are starting from scratch, you need to create a strong website conversion strategy.

This is done through a series of call-to-actions.

A great way that you can do this is by sending out an exclusive promotion for your newsletter or email list in order to spark interest.

You could also send emails from time to time with interesting links and articles, which will encourage people to subscribe so they don’t miss future content.

As you do this, don’t forget to segment your new contacts so that you are sending them the most relevant information.

Create a Landing Page

Start creating landing pages for readers.

A landing page is a one-page website with the specific purpose of attracting a target audience to take a specific action.

Landing pages are often used for things like asking people to subscribe to your email list or buy something from your site, but they can also be used for more complicated goals such as getting users to sign up for webinars and other events.

They are successful because they focus on achieving only one goal – signing up for an email subscription, lead generation, or start a purchase.

Once you have some landing pages with good Calls to Action, you need to find ways to get your customers there.

One way to do this is through a newsletter.

Create a Newsletter

By offering a newsletter, you can request your readers to subscribe and gain their initial information like name and email.

In order to gain this information, you need to

1) provide valuable content, and

2) provide content that is exclusive to the newsletter.

Creating a newsletter allows you to get to communicate with your readers on a more personal level.

Use the personalization capabilities in your email marketing software to make sure that every email is addressed directly to the person by name.

As an example, ActiveCampaign does this by inserting %FIRSTNAME% in the text where you would normally enter a person’s first name.

This allows every email to go out addressed to the name they provided in the CTA.

You’ll also gain information on what they like and dislike through the click-to-open rates.

This allows you to tailor the content that you send out in order for it to better appeal to them.

Social Media Marketing

You can market your newsletters and landing page on your social media sites.

You can do this by including a link to your landing pages or newsletter in all of the posts.

Highlight the benefits of your newsletter or offer up snippets of what a reader will get from the newsletter with the addition of a “Click Here To Learn More” CTA button.

You might be interested in using tools like CoSchedule, which allow you to schedule future tweets, monitor and continue to engage on multiple platforms at the same time.

Use Paid Advertising

Finally, you can reach more people who are not currently following your social media accounts through paid advertising.

One of the best ways to grow your list is through targeted ads.

For example, you could advertise your newsletter to people who have been on certain pages of your website before or whose profile has a specific keyword like “marketing.”

By focusing on those that have previously shown an interest in your site and products but have not yet converted, you may have greater success.

Start Emailing

There are numerous ways to build your email marketing list, but these are some basic steps you can take to go from zero to having a nice list of contacts.

Make sure you continue to create useful content and ensure you take steps to communicate to the individual rather than view your email list as one mass distro.


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