Public Affairs 2.0: A visual depiction (2009)

So here is my ‘Public Affairs 2.0′ poster. It is a 27X37 inch file, but of course can be reduced to print out at whatever size you want. I have placed two links below that allows you to download the high resolution jpg and png files.

Background. I have a poster of Brian Solis’ The Conversation Prism in my office which is a very good visual tool. I got thinking one day that it would be nice to have a version that is more suited for what I, and we, Public Affairs personnel do.

So about a week ago I sat down in front of Photoshop and worked on it a little bit every night. This by no means has every tool out there, but it hits a lot of the major ones available.

While the Conversation Prism depicts a cycle of listening, learning and sharing, the Public Affairs 2.0 poster depicts the PAO at the center of all the various tools and platforms that are out there.

The digital camo graphic fits the concept as well.

In my mind, all the areas depicted are nothing but shades of grey; internal and external information, an official Army website, blog site, local media, mainstream media…it is all one pot of information that everyone feeds from. There is nothing to keep someone in the mainstream media from getting a story off a blog site. Items placed on a personal Facebook page can be seen and read by people that cross over into a number of these areas. Photos on Flickr or videos on YouTube are shared on other people’s social networks or may appear in a local news story. Shades of grey.

I intend to update it periodically which is why I put a version number at the bottom. If you have any suggestions or if I missed something that you think should be included, just post a comment or shoot me an email.

Public Affairs 2.0 : JPEG 15.5 MB

Public Affairs 2.0: PNG 10.7 MB

Mike Nicholson

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